Van and Commercial Wraps


Turn your van, your company car or your entire fleet into an ambassador of your business brand with a vehicle wrap.

Vehicle wrapping is the best and easiest way to get your business noticed wherever you go.

Because a fully wrapped vehicle draws the eye and stands out more on the road, it’ll boost your brand visibility. People will remember your business better if they’ve seen your branded car or van. It’s simply how our brain works!

And the wow factor of vehicle wrapping certainly has more visual impact than generic, text-based livery.

Protect your investment

As an added bonus, vehicle wraps offer paint protection as well. Since the film wrap covers the painted surfaces, it keeps your vehicle safe from scratches, scuffs and chip marks.

Meaning your vehicle’s exterior and its paint colour will still look nice and fresh when you have the wrapping removed after years of service.

And with the right care, your wrap WILL last for years.

Quality service with quality products

At The WrapHub we only work with top quality products and we adhere to strict standards, to ensure professional looking and long-lasting results.

In fact, we’re officially accredited by 3M, the global industry-leading experts in films and wraps for cars and vans.

Becoming a 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper isn’t easy, and we’re really proud to have been awarded this 3M AVW status.

It’s proof of our commitment to deliver quality service and an excellent customer experience to you.

So let’s talk about what you have in mind.

Get in touch, tell us what you need and we’ll give you a quote.

Let’s get your brand on the road!